Dave and Emma get married

Dave and Emma get married!

11th August 2012

Bowburn Hall, Durham


Dear Dave,

Wow! … Dave and Em … Congratulations! It was a wonderful day, start to finish. Emotional … yes, of course, given Dad was noticeably absent. Special … yes, it was a magical day in so many ways. Happy … definitely, there was much laughing and joking and we all had a thoroughly good time.

The day started with a grey sky and silent pleas for the rain to stay away. While the girls were ahead of schedule, you and me were a little behind ourselves, mainly because of my nerves and a battle with a tub of concealer! Looking back it was silly; at the time it felt vital to my composure throughout the day! If I’d ever doubted the love you and Jill have for me (which I haven’t) this particular morning you both proved selfless devotion … that you calmly drove me to the end of Emma’s parent’s street, though we were already running late for an appointment at Bowburn with my hairdresser, so that Jill could run out and check my makeup (still only half dressed … “George, come on, don’t look” (Jill knows what I mean here) … but, it has to be said, with fabulous hair and stunning makeup!) well, between the two of you, you made me feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Dawn beat us to the the hotel but only just. As ladies decorated the great bannister with red and silver voile ribbons, for your Dad, and displayed flowers while hotel staff checked chair placement in the room you and Emma would make your promises, I needed to head straight to the boardroom to have my hair done. Jill made the combs for my hair and once in place I felt more relaxed, and relieved that Dawn had worked a miracle with my baby-fine locks. The sun came out. Family and friends started to arrive. The day was underway and, I need to tell you, you looked so handsome … when I saw you, for a second I forgot to breathe.

I loved that you got to drive Dad’s car (though Aunty Marjorie may have a different view!) and that your friends from school were with you (really nice lads). Seated and waiting for Emma I could sense how nervous you were feeling.

When the music started and first Katie, then Tina, then our Jill walked down the aisle, I couldn’t really see your face. Jill was looking straight at you as she walked, and when she put her arms around your neck and cuddled you my hand went to my chest and my eyes filled; it was one of the most gentle yet powerfully moving moments I’ve witnessed. Then Emma was walking towards you, arm in arm with her Dad. Her eyes shone and her smile was pure joy. Jill was looking at you … she told me that the look on your face when you first saw Emma told her that Emma had taken your breath away.

I enjoyed the ceremony, it reflected the playful nature of you both and was relaxed. And then, just like that, you were man and wife! Wow.

The reception, I always knew would tug on our heart strings – how could it not? When you spoke of your Dad, well … you spoke from your heart, beautiful words and I cannot tell you how proud I am of you. Your best man spoke of Tom too, which I really appreciated. Not too much, just enough. It was right. It took the speeches to be over for you to visibly relax and when you did you looked content. You and your beautiful bride, side-by-side, looking happy. That’s what I wish for you both, sharing happiness forever.

The afternoon and the party that night went over so fast. And I was kept entertained … your best man’s ‘Tina Turner’s Simply the Best’ and your friend’s ‘Footloose’ were priceless! I kept looking at the ring on your finger and wondering where the years had gone. My little boy, all grown, a married man … it’s an odd feeling from a mother’s point of view. I wondered how Emma’s Mam and Dad were feeling.

Everything clicked into place on the day and, strangely, it was Emma who was the calmest of us all. She’d told Jill that she wasn’t worried because, whatever happened on the day, if plans went wrong, it didn’t matter because she knew she was marrying you. And that’s what all this is about really, not the dresses and flowers and cake and ribbons and the rest, but the promises you make to each other when you choose to stand together for the rest of your lives.

So … clink clink … congratulations. Me and Jill had the most wonderful time on your wedding day.


Mam xxx

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